Thursday, February 14, 2008

more clemens

As expected, many sports columnists around the country have weighed in on the Clemens hearings, and their perspective is enlightening. Here's a roundup of a few more that caught my attention. No need to thank me.

* Rick Telander of the Chicago Sun-Times couldn't help but notice that Jeff Novitsky, the IRS special agent responsible for investigating BALCO and bringing down Barry Bonds and Marion Jones, was in the house. Telander concludes Clemens had better watch out.

* Rich Hofmann of the Philadelphia Daily News wonders what was gained by the whole thing.

* Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News sounds confident that Clemens exposed himself as a perjurer.

* Gary Shelton of the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times seems convinced the hearings won't amount to much, though he did reach this insightful conclusion: "[a]fter looking at Congress in action, yes, it is a miracle that this country isn't in worse shape than it is. ... What I believe is that this was the brainless accusing the shameless in front of the clueless." Zing!

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