Thursday, April 24, 2008

penn relays photo journal: just a thought

Of all the cool things to see and hear here, among the best is when the public address announcer reads off a list of college teams competing in the same heat. The late Jack O'Reilly, a thin little old man with a booming baritone, totally blew me away the first time I heard him do it a few years back. (The New York Times once described O'Reilly's voice as having "crisp, rich tones [that] evoke images of royalty.") Today, Burton T. Richie, who now handles the duties for most of the big college races, read off the list of the first group of college women's 4 x 100s, and it just sounded cool:

Georgia Tech, Georgetown, Florida Atlantic, Penn, Cornell, Harvard, LSU, UConn, Coastal Carolina...

Only at the Penn Relays.

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