Thursday, April 10, 2008

philly's hottest flyers fans? sheesh.

Don't you just love radio stations? Don't you just love the way they reach for the lowest common denominator when it comes to all things already low-brow? Don't you? DON'T you? Brace yourself, gentle reader, for WMMR's Philly's Hottest Flyers Fan contest. I have to agree with Philebrity that this "makes Philly feel like the meth-y backwater your momma raised you in." Or at least the one you moved to after college, if you're the life of kings. Anyway, Philebrity's advice that natives not send word of this, um, "contest" to any out-of-town friends rings true: While I certainly agree that Philly women, on the whole, tend to be far better-looking than those in Pittsburgh, the next time one of my jerk friends takes the conversation too far about how many stump-toothed mongrel hillbilly chicks he thinks there are in my hometown, I can always quickly shut him up by directing him back to this. Thanks, 'MMR. Rock on.

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Anonymous said...

Teeth are overrated, and potential impediments.