Thursday, April 17, 2008

the vindication of mike wise

Yesterday's post about Mike Wise's column on Flyers fans in the Washington Post has generated its fair share of commentary, judging by the comments section and by remarks made in person by some of my Fly-head friends. But get this: A friend with knowledge of the Flyers tells me the organ-I-zation has run off 20,000 copies of Wise's column and will be distributing one to every fan who attends tonight's game at the Wacho Center. The thinking, obviously, is that the Flyers feel compelled to further get their fans into a frothing, maniacal lather. Which, in an ironic twist the organ-I-zation is obviously too stupid to realize, basically proves Wise's point.

UPDATE: Once word of the Flyers' plan to distribute the column got around, the Washington Post issued a cease-and-desist order to prevent it.

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Diaz said...

I think what must be kept into perspective is that what the Flyers organization excels at doing isn't to turn people into crazy, drunken loudmouths. They excel at making money. Lots of it. Lots, and lots, and lots of it. The Flyers might not have the attention of a majoirty of people in SE PA like the Eagles do, but it can be safely argued that the Flyers have one of the most profitable and loyal fanbases in all of pro sports. They make a TON of money. And they way they do that is by keeping the fans connected to the team on an almost personal level. I think handing out this dumbass writer's column to everyone is genius and should be done more often by all teams to get people excited about a game or series in all sports. Why not hand out something with Beltran's comments to all fans coming into CBP for this weekend's Mets series? It raises the stakes and keep in mind, the Flyers won Games 3 and 4 at home and will be closing out the series shortly. Thus making money and advancing to the next round. To make more money.