Friday, April 25, 2008

we interrupt the penn relays for a little baseball...

You know, just 'cause. After all, the Phillies are on Pittsburgh's North Side for a weekend series against the pitiful Pirates. Shamefully, thanks to baseball's unbalanced schedule and the ridiculous fact that they're not in the same division, this is the only time the Phils and Bucs -- baseball's greatest rivalry in the late '70s and early '80s; like, seriously -- will play in Pittsburgh this season. It's Adam Eaton vs. Zach Duke tonight, Kyle Kendrick vs. Matt Morris (let us pray) tomorrow night, and Brett Myers vs. Ian Snell in Sunday's matinee finale. The real matchup to watch, of course, will be whether either team's first baseman will actually get a stinkin' hit: Ryan Howard, he of the brand-new, $10 million annual contract, is hitting a cool .111 for your Phightin' Phils, while the Buccos' Adam LaRoche sports a sorry-ass .149 average that looks downright dominant by comparison. Sigh.

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