Sunday, May 11, 2008

even the hipsters in pittsburgh are all pucked up

Here's how crazy it's getting: the life of kings is in Pittsburgh for Mother's Day, and because we suddenly had some writing to do this evening, we needed a wireless connection like quick (don't ask). So we went to our favorite hipster coffee jawns in Squirrel Hill, the kind of place where the girls are super cute and the music is always something you never heard of, because if you did they wouldn't want YOU to hear it. Anyway, to our surprise when we entered, we found the usual arrangement of Cool Bands You Never Heard Of had actually been replaced by the Penguins Radio Network broadcast of Game 2 of Flyers-Pens, complete with Mike Lange loudly uttering his trademark inanities like "How much chicken can you eat?" and "She wants to sell my monkey!" And when the Pens scored to take a 3-2 lead in the third period, the darling little blonde behind the counter whooped like she had just been told they were giving away bandanas across the street at Eat 'n Park. Or something. The handful of people on laptops or pretending to read Proust all reacted, too, except for this one guy on his laptop who was listening to an i-pod. He suddenly heard the fuss and looked around scornfully before intently returning to whatever the hell it was he was working on. [C'mon, dude. Smile a little and enjoy this. All the cool kids are doing it.] And if that weren't enough, Bob Smizik has written a column in the Post-Gazette that suggests this town's love for the Pens is beginning to rival that of the Steelers. Can it be? I mean, whoa.

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