Monday, July 21, 2008

esquire on 'how to drink alone'

A nice, tidy guide from Esquire magazine on how best to savor the subtle pleasures of sipping in solitude. I'm not so sure the time of day matters so much, nor do I think liquor is necessarily essential to the experience, as beer can certainly suffice. There is, however, much to be said for good lighting, so as to allow for good reading. And it never hurts to begin your barstool beguine by quietly uttering a toast to yourself, preferably something along the lines of, "Here's to absent friends. Fuck 'em."


Anonymous said...

"I'm having a few and wishing that you were here. As Francis Albert would say.

Diaz said...

If I'm drinking alone, which isn't very rare, jsut as you might think, I prefer a bottle of wine. It takes longer to drink and it gives you a nice, chill buzz. The only issue that can arise is you start talking to someone once you've finished that bottle and you realize you're slurring all your words and giggling like a little kid.