Wednesday, August 5, 2009

rupert murdoch can't be serious

Ah, gentle reader, but he is: The swashbuckling media tycoon is ready to charge for all of the online content in his vast enterprise, according to the Financial Times. Now, Murdoch's ability to run a business is renowned, even if MySpace once seemed poised to take over the world until right about the time Ol' Rupert's News Corp enterprise took it over and allowed it to get lapped by Facebook. But whatever. The idea that the newspaper industry can be saved by charging readers for content was a great idea -- back before every paper on earth began giving their content away for free. That horse left the barn a long time ago, and it ain't coming back just because Murdoch decrees that it will. The lesson of the onlinetwitterblog revolution is that people demand infomation instantly. And if they ain't getting it over here, they'll go over there. Simple as that.

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