Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the book on philly nightlife

David Grazian, a sociology professor at Penn, has written a book called On the Make: The Hustle of Urban Nightlife, in which he explores, using mostly anonymous interviews, the nightlife culture in Philly. Grazian's focus is specific to Rittenhouse Square and Old City, places with which I'm (ahem) rather familiar. The book looks interesting, at least according to this interview with Grazian in the March 20-27 issue of Philadelphia City Paper. Money quote from the end of A.D. Amorosi's CP piece:
The biggest surprise in On the Make was the discovery of how anxiety-inducing urban nightlife can be, and not just for the wallflowers. "Shrinking violets and 40-year-old virgins, sure, they were scared," says Grazian. "But also the popular kids and the beautiful people -- especially the popular kids and the beautiful people. I sometimes think we'd all just be better off dressing down, and stop trying so hard to be hip. Having fun should be way more fun than this."
As anyone who knows me will attest, I couldn't agree more.


Diaz said...

I read the CP article, and loved this passage you quote too. I'm picking up the book, but I only have one complaint: why only Old City and Rittenhouse?? One is full of wanna be playas from NJ and the suburbs and the other is haunted by the area trust fund babies.

How come there was no "exploration about nightlife in No Libs, Fairmount, and U. City??

mikesielski said...

I love the nightlife. I've got to boogie.

the life of kings said...

I think the book's author, who's married, had to limit himself somewhat, Diaz. While it's true Old City and Rittenhouse have their limitations in terms of demographics, there are pockets of both neighborhoods where one can have a good time without beaing bumped into by meathead douchebags and uptight trust-fund types. More often than not, you'll find me in one of those other places, in fact.