Monday, March 24, 2008

television news can sometimes be completely inane

Just caught a glimpse of Comcast SportsNet's report on the big Phillies rally at City Hall earlier today. After the usual insightful interviews with fans shouting -- why must some of them shout, by the way? There's a microphone, and we can easily hear every word they say -- the reporter on site stood before the camera and said, "The one consensus that can be reached..." You know, as opposed to all those other consensuses (consensi?) out there. Obviously, speaking extemporaneously and ad-libbing can be tricky: Few of us can be expected to use the right words on live TV all the time, every time. But this was a segment that had been taped earlier, so the poor guy (and his editors) had ample opportunity to make sure his choice of words was a tad bit tidier. But, no. And the consensus to which this reporter was so earnestly referring? Wait for it, sports fans: Those gathered at City Hall really really really hope the Phils will "go all the way" this season. Gee whiz. Really?

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