Monday, March 24, 2008

the ncaa tournament: pitt out, 'nova plays on

Right on cue, the Pitt Panthers performed their annual March Madness disappearing act Saturday night against Michigan State, while the Villanova Wildcats came back to beat Clemson on Friday before running Siena out of the gym on Sunday. My cousin Jack, a 'Nova grad, said he hoped to see some love for the Wildcats in this space today. Well, here it is: 'Nova is the last PA team still playing, and good for them, considering they're still a year (or two) away from playing to their full potential. But 'Nova is, and always will be, the bad guys when it comes to Philly hoops, seeing themselves as on a higher plane than the city's other schools, at least in the eyes of many of their fans. Actually cheering for them requires a suspension of integrity I just can't muster right now. Besides, Pitt's loss on Saturday has me too jaded to even care about what happens the rest of the way. Bring on baseball.

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