Tuesday, April 29, 2008

happy 25th anniversary to the great lee elia rant

Twenty-five years ago today, April 29, 1983, then-Chicago Cubs manager Lee Elia made history when he totally lost it during a press conference after another disappointing early-season loss. Elia directed his wrath at the Chicago fans who came out to day games (Wrigley Field in those days still did not have lights) and at the city's media (of course) for their criticism of his players. This, gentle reader, is truly the stuff of legend. I gotta say, for the last few years at work, we've occasionally queued up Elia's tirade on YouTube just for laughs. (Could you imagine covering something like this in the era before the Internet? How would you write it up?)

Elia's rant is guaranteed to brighten your day, and I'm pleased to share it with you now. No need to thank me. Just sit back and try not to pee yourself.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Elia. And thanks again, you f***in' c********r.

UPDATE: Jay Mariotti has a pretty cool column in the Chicago Sun-Times that asks Chicagoans to forgive Elia.

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