Tuesday, April 29, 2008

harvey araton unloads on notre dame

Wake up the echoes: This one pretty much speaks for itself. I give you the fantastic lede paragraphs from Harvey Araton's column on the arrogance of Notre Dame football in today's New York Times:
For self-importance on the grandest of delusional scales, there is no entity in sports quite like Notre Dame football, winner of three games last season, routinely whacked like a piƱata in recent bowl games and not a national championship to its name in 20 years, or since the Gipper was about to hand off the presidency of the United States to George H.W. Bush. How humble of Notre Dame to have visited Ronald Reagan in the Rose Garden at the White House on Jan. 18, 1989, resisting all temptation to call for a meeting at a neutral site more to its grandiose liking.
Ouch. The rest of the piece can be read here.

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